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About Us

Welcome to “Aabesh”. Odisha has been a paradise for some of the most creative artisans. This heritage of weaving has given birth to the highpoint of traditional craftsmanship of the ‘Aabesh’, the intricate weaving with the Tie-Dye art. These skillful artisans have been upholding the legacy that has trickled down generations; and time has only made it better. However, recognitions and compensations have been a sorry state of affairs for our artisans. So—with the intention of ensuring the sustenance of this art and our artisans—we have set up Aabesh; a marketplace where we can bring you and their products together. Kantha, Batik, Tussar Ghicha, Khadi, Khesh, etc. are just some of the names from an endless line of Sarees that are on offer at reasonable prices. We can promise, “You Will Be Spoiled For Choice.”

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